Welcome Home

Last night I was travelling to church and saw a couple of people out in their yard very excitedly putting up a rather large sign.  At first I thought it was a political sign, but then when I got up close I noticed that it was a welcome home sign for a solider.  The joy on their face, even though I only saw it briefly was so apparent. 

That got me to thinking.  One day if we’ve been a follower of Christ, heaven will throw a part for us when we die saying “Welcome Home”!  Like a solider, we will have been in a temporary battle, in a land not our own, but now we’ll be safely home.  Notice that soliders realize that they are only going to be living in the land for a short while so they don’t get too comfortable there.  Yes, they set up temporary shelter, but they realize this is not their real home…every day they yearn to return to home to a place of safety.  Everyday they look out for thier fellow soliders because the goal is that none would die, but that all would return safely home to their mother’s and father’s. 

So how about you.  Are you too comfortable in this foreign land (earth) which you live?  Are you setting upwhat you think is a permanent residence here not realzing that you could be shipped out any day?  Are you doing all you can to help your fellow soliders make it home safely?  Lots to think about…let’s hear what you’re thinking…comment below.

One Response to “Welcome Home”
  1. Jason says:

    With each year that passes I get a little more comfortable…yikes!

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