Annual Thanksgiving Post

Since I started blogging a few years back, I’ve always done a post on Thanksgiving for the things I’m thankful for in the past year.  This year is no different, so here we go…

  • I’m thankful that my relationship with Jesus only gets better and grows deeper each and every year.  I am nothing and would be utterly useless without Him.
  • Speaking of a growing relationship, I sometimes find it hard to imagine that after 14 years of marriage that Lisa and I could love each other more than we did the day we got married, yet we do.  She inspires to be all that God has created me to be and is a wonderful example of his love and servanthood to me every single day.  I don’t deserve it, but yet she keeps on doing it…I love Lisa!
  • I’m thankful for a family and extended family that love me and support me no matter what I do.  Let’s face it…going from a professional magician to business owner, to pastor is not the most likely of career paths yet they’ve stuck by me each step of the way and support me the best they can considering the distance we live from one another.  To all my family…I love you and thanks!
  • I’m thankful to Andy and Gayle for making me aware of United 3 1/2 years ago and inviting to be a part of it.  Wow who would have ever thought that it would be and become all that it has?  Oh yeah…that would be you guys who believed in the power of God and my leadership enough to jump in with both feet despite your jobs and busy family life.  Thanks for your 10+ years of friendship (our late Thursday night dinners are something I greatly look forward to)…can’t wait to see what the next 10 look like.
  • Speaking of 10+ years of friendship, I’m thankful for Bill and Nicole who every Sunday take such good care of Lisa and I.  Hardly a Sunday goes by that you don’t fix dinner for us and provide a relaxing atmosphere for us to unwind and enjoy your company.  You’re friendship and the practical ways in which you help us has kept us sane…thank you, thank you , thank you!
  • I’m thankful for the team that God has placed around me.  I laugh anytime says that United is just a one man show…if only they knew the dozens of you who work so hard (mostly behind the scenes) to make Jesus name be known.  I may get some of the accolades, but remember that is my reward…what you’re doing may not always get noticed by man, but God sees it and you will be eternally rewarded for your hard work and sacrifice in heaven.
  • I especially want to thank our worship team and techs.  As the years have gone on, my Thursday night role has diminished but yet I keep showing up anyway.  Why?  Because I so much enjoy my friendships with each one of you and the team camaraderie that we’ve built.  I get to see first hand the amount of time and sacrifice you all give to make Sunday’s an Experience for people, not just a service we offer.  Your excellence inspires me…thank you!
  • I’m thankful for our church as a whole…5 Services and Experiences with 4 different worship styles could be a major trainwreck but it’s not.  For the most part everyone realizes that it takes all kinds of people and services to reach our community so you’re very supportive.    Thank you!
  • Misc. thanks… new web-site, new blog site, new friendships, new laptop, Lisa’s surgery yesterday went well, opportunities to travel.
  • Finally I want to thank God for being fully in control of all aspects of my life…God I thank you for giving it all for me, now help me to do the same for you.
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