Evolution vs. Creation Debate

Two weeks ago Ken Ham and Bill Nye the Science Guy had a live debate on Evolution vs. Creationism.  If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it below and then I’ll give my thoughts. Ok so here are my 2 cents on this.  First, I don’t think Ken Ham did followers of Jesus a … Continue reading

Rejected Superbowl Commerical

This past Sunday the Seahawks scrimmaged a Pee Wee team from the Denver area but thankfully the game was called because of the mercy rule.  Wait!  What?  That was the real team from Denver?!?  Oh well at least the Superbowl commercials were good right?  Nope wrong again.  Perhaps if this one had made the cut … Continue reading

Whatever Wednesday: Random Thoughts

Haven’t been motivated to write this past week so this is easy to do a Whatever Wednesday post since I can just bullet point stuff. I’m still wrestling through the emotional stuff from the shooting. I don’t think about it immediately when I wake up now but I have started dreaming about it…although that has … Continue reading

The Day I Almost Died (audio)

Bullets, car chases & lessons we can learn from Gilbert’s recent near death experience. Listen to the message at the following link The Day I Almost Died

Up-date on Friday’s Near Death Experience

Let me begin by thanking the hundreds of you who have taken time out of your busy schedules to call, text, e-mail, Facebook, etc your support after the events of this past Friday.  I am humbled to have such a large network of support and prayers during this tough time. At this point the biggest … Continue reading

I Almost Died Today…No Seriously, I Did

I’m not sure how much detail to go into for a number of reasons but today was the closest to death I have ever come.  In the coming days as I process this more I’ll give more insights that I learned from it all but for now the big picture story. Again I don’t want … Continue reading

How To Be Funny

My grandfather died peacefully in his sleep, but boy were the kids on his bus screaming. Many people wonder if being funny is something that people are naturally born with or if it’s an acquired skill.  In my opinion it’s a combination of both.  Some people are naturally funny but any one can be (or … Continue reading

Aren’t All Religions the Same?

This is a pretty common question and it’s sometimes asked this way…”Don’t all paths lead to God”?  Or sometimes people will say, “Each of us should be free to connect with God however we feel?”  Now to that last one, yes we all have the freedom to choose our own religion but that doesn’t make … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

On this “Whatever Wednesday” I thought I’d once again just give some random thoughts that are going through my mind. I hurt my knee at some point in the last few days but I’m not sure how…can barely bend it. Getting old sucks. On a positive note, it’s a good reason not to go out … Continue reading

Topical Tuesday: Richard Sherman Controversy

How sad is it that the most topical thing in our country right now is the post-game rant of an NFL player.  In case you missed it, on Sunday night, the Seahawks and 49ers played one another with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl.  These two teams had already played one another twice during … Continue reading

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