You Can Have Financial Freedom!

Next to beginning a relationship with Jesus and marrying Lisa, putting together a financial plan and sticking to it has probably been the 3rd greatest decision I have ever made in my life.  Lisa and I started it 19 years ago and fully implemented it about 17 years ago.  Today it has allowed us a … Continue reading

Truths For Mature Humans

Saw this yesterday and thought it was both funny and true.  I especially related to #13, #22, #25 and #26.  How about you?  Which one(s) describe you?

Random Thoughts I’m Having Today

This is a “Whatever Wednesday” so I thought I’d just get some random thoughts out that are rattling through my mind…. Had a good time away Monday and Tuesday with some other pastors dreaming about what a collaborative church plant might look like. My role is to do some demographics research.  This is actually something … Continue reading

Lone Survivor

Not a lot of hot topics to talk about on this “Topical Tuesday” so I’ll talk about this weekend’s number 1 movie, “Lone Survivor“.  It was by far one of the best movies that I’ve seen in awhile. Based on the true story of a SEAL Teams failed mission, it wasn’t until the movie was … Continue reading

The FUSE Initative

I leave today, along with Chad, for a 24 hour retreat with about a dozen others from our denomination as we officially “light” the FUSE Initiative.  One of the things we’ve wanted to do at is plant another church.  Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, we have not been able to do that yet.  … Continue reading

My Late Night Talk Show Rankings…

I mentioned last week about really discovering comedy on the weekends as I was growing up.  As I got even older, I began watching Johnny Carson.  This led then to watching David Letterman.  Since I’m a night owl, I’ve been able to watch and sample almost all the late night talk shows through the years.  … Continue reading

What Do Jesus and a Russian Spy Have in Common?

My post last week on Why Are Christians So Intolerant turned out to be quite popular.  It was interesting to watch it statistically spread, first throughout the USA and then into, as of today, 23 other countries.  I’ve been following some of the comments and one gentleman said something to the effect of, “I’m glad … Continue reading

I’ve Put This On My Bucket List

I saw this climb on Mt. Hua Shan the other day on Facebook.  Trust me you’ll want to click the link…you won’t believe why people do this.   Below is 2 videos that give you a bit more perspective. The first is a bit longer but shows you how crazy it is, especially when many … Continue reading

What’s the Coldest You’ve Ever Been?

This is the first “Topical Tuesday” post and what topic is being discussed more than this week’s cold weather?  Today’s high here in Harrisburg is supposed to be 12 degrees which is actually quite balmy as compared to what others are dealing with.  I saw an article which mentioned a town in Minnesota where the … Continue reading

Our New Mission Statement

We are now 3 years into planting and a few months back our staff and some other key leaders evaluated where we’re at and what we wish we knew then that we know now.  As a part of that process, we changed our mission statement to better reflect who we’ve become and the direction … Continue reading

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