Random Thoughts

On this “Whatever Wednesday” I thought I’d once again just give some random thoughts that are going through my mind. I hurt my knee at some point in the last few days but I’m not sure how…can barely bend it. Getting old sucks. On a positive note, it’s a good reason not to go out … Continue reading

Inside Today’s Experience

Had a great day…3 more people came into a relationship with Jesus! That never gets old…praying we continue to see God move in our midst. Nothing out of the ordinary with set-up, although Andy did install a wireless router for us in the building which allowed him to play around with controlling the sound board … Continue reading

The Secret I Learned to Making Money Many Years Ago

Friday’s are my day off from the church so I thought I’d give you a money making tip today as I’m relaxing and enjoying time just thinking.  It will take you a couple of minutes to read but I guarantee it could change your financial future, so it’s well worth the investment of time.  In … Continue reading

Mind Your Own Business Bonus Questions

Yesterday we wrapped up the Mind Your Own Business series where we looked at God’s plan for your finances.  Many of you have reported how impactful this series has already been and I look forward to more stories in the coming months.  Please email me as God blesses you so we can know what’s happening.  … Continue reading

Willow Creek Leadership Summit Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you my thoughts from Day 1 of Willow Creek’s annual Leadership Summit.  I realized after I posted that I actually stopped too soon with the notes so here are the remaining two Day 1 speakers plus my Day 2 thoughts.  Again these are not the full notes just some personal reflections … Continue reading

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