Whatever Wednesday: Random Thoughts

Haven’t been motivated to write this past week so this is easy to do a Whatever Wednesday post since I can just bullet point stuff. I’m still wrestling through the emotional stuff from the shooting. I don’t think about it immediately when I wake up now but I have started dreaming about it…although that has … Continue reading

Random Thoughts I’m Having Today

This is a “Whatever Wednesday” so I thought I’d just get some random thoughts out that are rattling through my mind…. Had a good time away Monday and Tuesday with some other pastors dreaming about what a collaborative church plant might look like. My role is to do some demographics research.  This is actually something … Continue reading

Why We’re Named ExponentialChurch.tv

I just got an e-mail this morning saying that our domain name, http://www.ExponentialChurch.tv had automatically renewed as per my contract with the hosting company.  What this simply means is that it’s been 2 years to the day since I officially decided on what the church name was going to be. It was in October of … Continue reading

Inside Today’s Experience

Very happy with today! 3 more people started a relationship with Jesus. Many people commented how much they needed to hear and now apply the message I did on having proper priorities when it comes to how to spend our time. As Chad said earlier in the week, today was reset day as far as … Continue reading

Top 10 Sermons of 2011

Between online listens and downloads, our average sermon is heard again beyond Sunday morning slightly over 100 times.  Here are the top 10 most listened to and downloaded messages from 2011. “Finding the One“-  The first four messages on this list all come from the “One” series on marriage, dating, relationships and sex. This message … Continue reading

Inside Today’s Experience

Great day! Had to start the morning out scrapping the ice of the windshield and wearing my beanie…definitely the coldest Sunday morning we’ve had so far this “winter”. Had to use the quotes because I know some of you would correct me and say it’s not yet winter…ok but did you really expect me to … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2011

Hard to believe but this is now my 5th year doing these posts ( 2007,  2008,  2009, 2010).  As always here are the things I’m thankful for in this past year. Jesus-  Well who else did you expect at #1?  As every year passes, I realize more and more how ugly, sinful and broken I … Continue reading

Inside Today’s Experience

Another great day. Had another person start a relationship with Jesus today. The amazing thing about that is we’re currently doing a series on how to share your faith. Amazing how God can speak to people’s hearts even in messages that aren’t necessarily evangelistic in nature. In fact, a big misconception of churches like ours … Continue reading

Inside Today’s Experience (1 Year Birthday Edition)

Hard to believe but today is our 1 year birthday as a church. What a year it’s been…to see for yourself here’s a recap music video we put together. The morning seemed earlier than normal since Chad and I spent the beginning of the week at a church conference out in Vegas and my body … Continue reading

Inside Today’s Experience

The ups and downs of being a church planter continued today… Unlike last week, today was an up. We had our 3rd highest attended day ever! More importantly yet another person came into a relationship with Jesus! The day started out not so good though when I realized I had left my bible at home. … Continue reading

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