Whatever Wednesday: Random Thoughts

Haven’t been motivated to write this past week so this is easy to do a Whatever Wednesday post since I can just bullet point stuff. I’m still wrestling through the emotional stuff from the shooting. I don’t think about it immediately when I wake up now but I have started dreaming about it…although that has … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

Been awhile since I a random thoughts post.  Here we go… Excited about the 60+ resumes that have come in to take over for me at United. Couple of potentially good candidates in that stack.  Pray for the search team to find the right person. Balancing my full-time responsibilities I still have at CFCOG along … Continue reading

Random Tuesday Thoughts

This week so far is picking up where last week left off…crazy! Before I forget…on Saturday I went to the funeral of Brian Miller’s grandfather.  The entire Miller family has been attending United the last few years and wow are they crazy talented.  Brian spoke, his mom read an original poem, his two sisters and … Continue reading

Other Weekend Thoughts

I’m still pretty pumped up about yesterday’s Experience where we discussed Is It Alright For Christians to Drink Alcohol? Aaron, the worship team and creative team have done a great job of making this a very memorable series. One unexpected side benefit from yesterday’s message has been the number of people who have told me … Continue reading

Week in Review

Been a good week! Worst part has been getting up real early almost everyday…like 7am early…I know for some of you that’s rountine, but for me going to bed normally between 12-1am that’s early. Had some really interesting meetings this week.  I know interesting and meetings should never be used in the same sentence but … Continue reading

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