Whatever Wednesday: Random Thoughts

Haven’t been motivated to write this past week so this is easy to do a Whatever Wednesday post since I can just bullet point stuff. I’m still wrestling through the emotional stuff from the shooting. I don’t think about it immediately when I wake up now but I have started dreaming about it…although that has … Continue reading


As I was driving to the office this morning, I was still lamenting last night’s Washington Capitals playoff game in which they lost 4-1.  For those of you who are not sports or hockey fans, my Caps dominated the regular season.  They are the #1 seed in the playoffs and were expected to dominate the … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

Been awhile since I a random thoughts post.  Here we go… Excited about the 60+ resumes that have come in to take over for me at United. Couple of potentially good candidates in that stack.  Pray for the search team to find the right person. Balancing my full-time responsibilities I still have at CFCOG along … Continue reading

Hockey Theology

As I promised the other day in this blog, I got a lot more out of Monday’s night’s hockey game than just a good time.  Here’s a couple of thoughts God dropped in my head while there… Everyone rooting for the Caps was easy to distinguish because we were all wearing red.  It should be … Continue reading

Caps vs. Pens Game 2 Thoughts

Been almost 24 hours since the end of game 2 so here are my thoughts having been there… Wow…I can’t believe we were there! Even the national commentators are saying today that it was one of the most exciting games in recent history and that the noise level was unlike anything they have ever heard. … Continue reading

Things I’m Excited About…

Going to the Caps game tonight with Andy. That God has promised never again to flood the entire earth (it’s pouring rain outside as I type this). That I’ve had about a half-dozen couples approach me during the Re:married series saying they want to get married instead of continuing to live together in sin. That … Continue reading

Random Friday Thoughts

Enjoying my day off…just woke up from a nap.  🙂 Last night’s practice for this weekend was awesome…I’m a combination of excited and nervous! You’ll have to be there to see why. This is about as edgy as I think we’ll ever be, but I truly believe that God has directed all of this to … Continue reading

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

The above pic is Andy and I at the Caps game on Tuesday night right before it started. As you can see we had awesome seats! The bad part was the Caps lost the game 4-2 to the Flyers. Wow being that close to the ice gave a much better perspective for the size of … Continue reading

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